Thursday, February 25, 2010

I have another finish for Feb. one I am so happy to have completed as it has been going since Sept .
I hand quilted it so that is what took me so long , it isn't a huge project but I only worked on
it occasionally in the evenings and at times got carried away with how much quilting to do ,
this is just a wall hanging ,a panel by Nancy Halverston , hope I have that right , it is just
adorable , love her work . This was a gift from a dear friend in Denmark , Susanne , wasn't
she sweet to send this to me !!

It is sunny and mild here today , oh you can feel spring in the air and that is a very good
thing. Hope the sun is shining where ever you are .
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

fabric landscape

I just completed this fabric landscape ,it has been on my design wall since Nov. and it was calling my name this past week so I finally bit the bullet and finished it off . It is a complete figment of my imagination , I just used the fabric as it seemed to work for me and so enjoy making these landscapes .The landscape section I actually did on a flight to visit my son and his family ,since it is all handwork it is a great project to take along ;-0

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Thought I would share a few more finishes for this month . I made the table topper yesterday , loved that center fabric so much just had to make something special with it and I really like how it turned out . I just used flannel
as the batting so it would lay flat and am pleased with how that worked .
The baskets I made after a visit to Jenny's blog and the tutorial can be found here .
They are such fun to make , quick and easy , my kind of project and are the perfect size to store lots of things like charm squares .
The drawstring bags I mentioned before , I made these for the ladies at our local womens shelter .It was a request to our quilt guild to make these as the women do not have a bathroom of their own when they 're there and must have something to carry their personal care products in when visiting the shower . This month we will each bring some personal care products for these bags as well , it is a much appreciated project and we all agree it is important to help out these
women in their hour of need .
Thanks for stopping by .

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Our quilt guild is having a paper bag swap ,those participating placed three to four fabrics of their choice in a bag and they were exchanged at our meeting in Jan.
These are the fabrics I received and the way it works is I had to make something for that person using Only the fabrics in the bag ,you could add embellishments but no other fabrics .SO....... these three things are what I came up with , a fabric basket , a sewing companion and a large pincushion because a gal can never have too many pincushions .
I'm sorry I neglected to tell you where I got the patterns for these items . The basket is from a great tutorial from the Pink Penguin and if  I do this right you should find it here . The sewing companion is from a Country Patchwork &Craft magazine Vol. 5 No.#1 and is from Blue Willow Cottage .The pincushion is from Better Homes and Gardens Quilts and More ,spring 2008 .

I guess that gives me three more finishes for Feb. yeah!

Our quilt guild is also helping out the local womens shelter this month so I have made three drawstring bags and a pillowcase for a child , I haven't incuded pictures of those yet but will do that later on . We also take in items that they need such a toileteries ,sheets, towels etc. This is an annual event and is very successful and the shelter really appreciates our efforts . We also give them quilts around Christmas time to be given to those that are in the home at that time or throughout the year .

It is snowing here today , a light drizzle with high winds ,thankfully no huge storms on the horizon ;-0
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here is my second finish for February , this was a mystery quilt I did from Planet Patchwork a couple of years ago and just never got around to finishing . I finally got my act together and finished the applique that I had added as I felt it was rather boring the way it was . I also did the machine quilting myself experimenting with free motion in the borders and I did see improvement by the time I got around to maybe the third side ;-) I had quite a challenge finding enough fabric to bind it , I know that I will probably find that fabric one of these days but thankfully I found just enough with about one inch to spare .

I have another mystery quilt sandwiched now ,this one was from a local quilt shop , they have a mystery quilt each summer during that communities festival week so a few of my quilter friends went out to take part and even though they have had theirs quilted for a long time I am just getting around to starting that :-( Oh well I can thank Kris and Peg for starting the OPAM challenge it sure makes me motivated to get things complete ;-)
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Februray already !

It seemed that January just flew by which is nice as it makes the winter seem just a little shorter .It sure feels like winter today though , it was -30C. this morning , and for those of you who don't experience that kind of cold let me just tell you THAT is COLD and since the ground hog seen his shadow we will have six more weeks of winter but winter can be very pretty as you can see in this picture of an early morning view of the trees with their dusting of snow .
You will have to forgive me I have no clue how to place these pictures on the blog correctly but this second picture is my first finish for Feb , the bed I promised to make for our labradoodle you met earlier , he loved it but he has also already torn it so I am not too happy with him and will need to repair the side :-(
I've been busy also with some projects for our local womens shelter , they have requested some small bags for the women to use to carry their toiletries in when they head to the shower so I have made three drawstring bags and hope to make a couple more before our quilt guild meeting this month. I also made a pillowcase for a child in bright cheerful colors something they can take with them when they get to leave .The past few years our quilt guild has made it a policy to have our members donate useful items to the women and children , toiletries ,towels and sheets that sort of thing .
I have another finish for Feb also a quilt that has been around now for at least two years and has been waiting for the applique to be finished and then of course to quilt and bind it and I have finally made that happen . It is not my favorite quilt but it was a mystery quilt and you never know ahead what they will look like so it is a little risky and in this case I am not that crazy about the result but hey it is finished and someone will love it .I'll post a picture of that a little later on .