Thursday, June 29, 2017

It is officially finished

I sewed the last stitch on mom's quilt on Sunday of this week . That sure felt good , even have the label sewn on , how great is that !
You will be sick of seeing this lol .
 I also just finished another curved piecing art piece , this one is one of my favorite flowers , a poppy . Well in this case three poppies and a dragonfly. 

I just seem to want to do art work lately rather than quilting . 
Oh I also spent an entire afternoon decorating a tea towel, how silly is that . It took me more time than it was worth for sure,  but it is cute .  So for OPAM this month I had three finishes , the quilt, the framed art and a tea towel ☺
 We had company last week so most of my time was spent enjoying Alyssa as we strolled the beaches of our area.  It was so lovely to have her and I will share some pictures another time . 
 Well I thought I should make an appearance before the month was up, thanks for taking the time to stop by , I sure enjoyed your visit .
 Hugs Sheila 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Opam for May

Can you seriously believe that May is over,  holy smokes , how did that happen . I actually had a busy month and had a few finishes plus I finished another landscape just a couple of days ago . I seem to be into landscapes this month , this is my fourth .
This is a hand applique piece , so relaxing to sit and stitch in the evening , I hadn't done any like this in a very long time . My supplies of Hand-Dyed fabrics are way down now , so need to replenish soon . I did try my hand at some fabric dying this week . I gathered some lichen from trees and boiled those down then added my fabric to the strained water . I had first prepared my fabric a few days before that with alum . Now here is the interesting part,  just for fun when I put my fabric in the pot I threw in two small pieces that had not been treated in the alum , well the results were very surprising,  take a look .

This isn't the best picture as it was at night so the fabric on the right is a little darker than it appears here BUT the fabric on the left is the untreated fabric.  I had washed both at this point and the colour stayed the same . I was happy with my first try 😊   My second attempt was not so successful , I had also gathered a little green moss which didn't produce any colour at all 😥 

 So back to Opam,  I had a total of 8 finishes this month,  four landscapes , my Eh Canada runner plus the Westering Women BOM Quilt.  Oops forgot my curved pieced dragonfly art piece and a postcard I gave my Mom for Mothers Day . I made this in a hurry , she was so disappointed I didn't make one for her birthday I felt I better get busy and make one for her for Mothers Day , I think she was also happy for the hand delivery .

 Oh I have to show you our little feathered visitors , I am thrilled we have a pheasant couple who frequent our feeders although his early arrival in the morning is not great,  I hear him make that curdling sound around 5am each day .

The males were fighting over possession of this lovely female.  The male on the right was injured and is now walking with a limp , sure hope he heals quickly . He is keeping his distance now . Aren't they gorgeous .
 I best get going , lots to do today and our granddaughter is coming into town with her school so we are meeting up with her for a brief visit too .
 Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a fabulous day .
 hugs Sheila