Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Not quite finished

I'm not quite finished but we had to share anyway . This quilt was started early on in the pandemic when I joined a group on FB called the Pfearless Corona Fighters on a Quilters Mission hosted by the talented international quilter Claudia Pfeil of Germany.  This project is so much out of my comfort zone but I decided to leap in anyway with the hopes of learning something new . Well it certainly accomplished that and much more , it filled some stressful times with a fun project , well mostly fun lol . When it came time to quilt it I was rather nervous of that task as my skill level and experience in FM is pretty much NIL but I figured it was the best way to learn.
We have an old barn on our property which I thought would be a perfect backdrop for this colourful quilt . As I stated in the title of this post it isn't quite finished since Claudia is going to teach us to do a facing finish which means the green border you see will be folded to the back . Well we shall see how that goes and I can always opt to just bind it .
  So what have you been doing to help cope with this situation . Thankfully our province has not had any new cases in a week now , that's a big deal to me and I pray it continues that way . Stay safe everyone and I'll try to drop in again soon .