Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Canadian Blogathon

 This is the second day of the Canadian Quilters blogathon , a great way to meet other quilters in  our amazing country of Canada . Our hostess for this event for the Maritimes is Adrienne and I am happy you are here to visit today . If this is your first time I hope you will take a few minutes to look around and come back again sometime in the near future .
 I have been quilting since around 2000 and have tried my hand at most things quilty , I love traditional quilts , crazy quilts and mini projects too.
 and a few Christmas projects from the past

Here is a collage of a few things I have made in the past as you may notice I love fabric postcards and am currently running a little swap here on the blog , they are all on their way by now so we will soon see some pretty Christmas cards arriving in mailboxes .
 Thanks to Adrienne for being our hostess and especially to Sew Sisters for bringing us this great blogathon, you should head on over to visit both as there are wonderful giveaways to win .
 Thanks again for the visit and I hope you enjoy visiting all the other participants in this hop , Adrienne has a list of those in this area to visit.
 Hugs Sheila

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Happy Mailbox :-)

Don`t you just love opening your mailbox and finding something other than bills to greet you , of course you do . Well in the past week my mailbox has been very busy with fun mail . First off I had won a little giveaway on  Fiona's blog and this is what she sent me . Sorry for the poor photo , can't seem to get a decent picture .
This great pattern from Tag Along Teddies , she must have noticed I love to make bags , thanks so much Fiona !! I am so sorry Fiona , I had also won a giveaway on another blog and wasn't sure where this came from so I am updating this post to correct my mistake .
 I also received some wonderful postcards , some unexpected and some I knew were on their way .

This adorable postcard came from Saskatchewan and is made by Dawn(no blog) , Dawn was one of my partners in the postcard swap I hosted here on my blog . I love it Dawn , thanks so much !
This Christmas postcard was a surprise from Pauline , isn't that embroidery beautiful ! Thanks so much Pauline , I love it , my house is going to be nicely decorated with these pretty cards this holiday season .

 This postcard was sent by JoAnne , I won it in her giveaway and I love how she overlapped leaves to give a 3-D affect and added some decorative stitching , very lovely ! Thanks JoAnne.
 Another surprise mail came from Cheryll  , a little gift for taking part in Friday Night with Friends , hey I should be thanking her for being such a wonderful hostess .
Some cute little coasters which happen to have Friday Night with Friends written on them so next time I take part I can use them beside my chair or sewing machine where I am stitching and I will really feel like I am playing along . She also included a cute little quilt label  :-) Thanks so much Cheryll , you truly made my day , and again thank you for hosting this fun event , I love the fact I am stitching with friends far and wide .

 I have been busy in the sewing corner these past few days and have completed four little gifts for my grandchildren .

I had seen these cute little pencil cases on Patchouli Moon in a blog hop recently and she gave the link for the pattern so what is a girl to do but go retreive said pattern( a free pattern by Moda ) and start sewing . Thanks for the link Daryl , I think my youngest grandchildren will love them and you know it was a great way to make use of scarps that had been around for way too long , not to mention old zippers ;-)
 Thanks for stopping by today , hope you are enjoying a fun day doing something you love :-)
 hugs Sheila

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday

It is WIP Wednesday , it has been a while since I linked up with Monika at The Needle and Threadnetwork,  before I show you what I have been working on just look what I woke up to this morning  .
Yep a field of white , a skiff of snow covering everything and a winter sky and it is cold .... I guess I better get out there and refill those bird feeders.
 I haven't been posting much lately but I have been busy sewing so here is what I have been up to , are you ready , this could get a little picture heavy .

I made four aprons . this pattern was a new one for me to use and is by Mary Mulari , a little strange how it is constructed but I love the style. The color is a bit off here but the best I could do with the light available.

 Apron #2 , my go to pattern for aprons , the four corners apron by Vanilla House Designs.
 Apron #3 a different color than the above pattern and apron #4 was also similar to this one just a different red for the contrast so I won't bother to show that one .
I made a couple of Christmas stockings using wool as the cuff , this pattern was in a Holiday Crafts magazine by Better Homes and Gardens published in 2010 .

Stocking #2 
A couple of mug rugs 

                                                             Decorated teatowels #1&2
                                                                     #3 & 4
                                                              #5 & 6 and incase you are wondering , the angel spells out Hark !
A Raggedy Anne Doll I made who has now found a new temporary home until she is given to a little girl by Karen .

 A postcard I made and have since sold .
Another postcard I recently made , I have several others I would show you but they are in the air to their new owners and once they arrive I can share . Which reminds me , those who are participating in my little postcard swap I hope you have your cards either in the mail or very close to being posted , just a reminder our mail out date is November 15 which is fast approaching . I can't believe how fast this month is going by. Thanks to everyone who signed up , it was a tremendous response and I hope you all had fun :-)
So that is it from me today , I hope you day is extra special doing something you love . Thanks for stopping by and be sure to hop on over and visit the Needle and Thread Network to see what others have been up to this week . 
hugs Sheila

Monday, November 4, 2013

Guest today on Jane's Fabrics

Today I am a guest on Jane's Fabrics for the Love of Embroidery . Jane had asked for volunteers to do a project or two with some of her presencia threads so my hand went up quickly . Hop on over to visit with Jane and see just what I made using the threads that Jane sent to me . Thanks for stopping by and I  hope you will take some time to visit me at Jane's .
 hugs Sheila

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Some fun recyling

Do you like to recyle ? I love to reuse things and make them into something new and sometimes fun . Yesterday I did just that , I had come across a novelty tie and it is pure silk so I grabbed it and put it away until inspiration hit , well here is what I came up with .

A wrap for a coffee cup , I removed the paper cover from a Coffee cup my son had left here (I am not a coffee drinker ) I made a pattern adding seam allowances and made three , two fron the silk tie , and one from a novetly fabric. I honestly can not imagine wearing this as a tie but it is gorgeous fabric . I also have a mug rug cut and ready to stitch but that will be the end of that tie :-) Here is my little stack of three covers.
The buttons are purely decorative , they stay closed by velcro , mans best friend .
 I also finished off the wool bag , also a recyled piece and I am quite pleased with how it turned out .
Even the buttons are recycled , they are vintage buttons which most likely were removed from a coat , there were three of them but one has a crack so that one I tossed . This bag is a pattern by Indygo Junction and is called Streetcar bag , It is a nice shape and has a zippered inner pocket . So November is starting off with a bang , can I keep it up ,only time will tell . 
 Our storm is over thankfully , it was a pretty wild ride and a large basketball net that has a large base filled with water tipped over and just missed our vehicles by a few inches , whew that was close . It has now been emptied and is laying flat for the winter months out of harms way .  Time to bid you adieu for now , I have some household chores to see to , enjoy your day .
 Thanks for stopping by.
 hugs Sheila 

Friday, November 1, 2013

FNWF Report

                                                      Everyone is WelcoMe

On the first Friday of each Month Cheryl hosts Friday Night with Friends so I decided to join in as I was stitching along anyway .Technically it was Thursday for me but that means I can stitch tonight too :-)
 So.... what did I stitch you ask , well I am busy trying to make a few things for Christmas and this little project has been on my list for a while so I have finally managed to get it made .
This Old World Santa is a pattern by Kim Braun of Harbour Quilts , sadly no longer a quilt shop . I made it with all homespuns that I had on hand so it is a little scrappy and was really quite fun to make . Last night I stitched down the binding to complete the work I had done earlier in the day , yippee , my first finish for November . Today I am working on a wool purse , almost done but not enough to show you . I seem to have a thing for bags these days . If you come back on Monday I will be a guest blogger on Jane's Fabrics for the Love of Embroidery , you can see the icon on my sidebar and each Monday she has been having guest who show there embroidered projects ,there have been some wonderful projects shared so why not hop on over and see what others have done . 
 We are experiencing quite a little wind storm at the moment , looks like a mini hurricane outside and lots of rain came down too so it is a great day to be inside where it is nice and dry and warm and plenty of time to stitch to my hearts content . Hope you can do something you love today , thanks so much for stopping by and to Cheryl for hosting the FNWF .
 hugs Sheila