Sunday, January 13, 2019

2019 , can it really be true ?

Yes I find it hard to believe we have now entered the year 2019 , how quickly 2018 flew by even though I wasn't having fun . I am happy to leave that year behind me and hope this year will be much improved .
 I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays with their families and friends and have now openly embraced this new year which is already into its second week .
 So what have I been up to , hmm let me think , I have been sewing some , not as much as I'd like but doing as much as my poor body will allow .
 I am working on the Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt but don't have a lot to share , just bits and pieces of hsts and four patch blocks , I am a long way from finished . I am also still working on the Moda Blockheads BOW, here are the most recent on my design wall

Now I have a confession to make , i have decided for my own sanity to only choose blocks I like or that won't take me forever to piece so my completed quilt will be different than the original but I am okay with that , better done than quitting . So I have replaced a couple of blocks so far with blocks I felt I could manage at this time .
 I recently joined in a weekly challenge by Darlene D'eon on the Nova Scotia online quilters FB page . Why in the world would I take on something else when I have two quilts on the go you may be asking yourself . Well simple answer is I am easily convinced especially when it  involves using up the many many scraps I have seemed to accumulate , do you think they may breed at night ? It's actually a fun block and quick to make , another bonus plus it works really well as a leader and ender block . It is the jewel box block and mine will be truly scrappy . Here are four blocks,  yes I know we are only in week two but you know how it is , you get carried away or maybe that is just me .

 Super scrappy indeed but hey it will keep someone nice and warm when it is finished . 
 Well that's all my news for now I really just wanted to touch base and wish each of you all the best for 2019 , let's make it out best year ever . 
 Hugs Sheila