Thursday, July 21, 2016

A finish to share

Hello from sunny Nova Scotia , simply a beautiful summers day here . I finally have a quilt top to share , it has been a long time coming and hours and hours of stitching to get this to this point but I couldn't be happier .

I don't have a large enough space to spread this out properly and on the bed you can't see it all so the floor it is 😊 This quilt is the Craftsy bom for 2016 designed by Lynette Jensen.  I enjoyed making this quilt even if there was a ton of work . 
 I have also added to my vintage sewing machine collection recently,  did I tell you I love vintage machines , well if I didn't i am now lol . This machine is in near pristine condition and the young lady selling it said it was her grandmother's and I couldn't help but think the day will come when she will regret selling this beautiful machine but she is moving out west and can't take everything with her . This Singer 401 does multiple decorative stitches and a perfect straight stitch.  I have tried it out and just the sound makes me smile . So tell me what do you think of it ? 

This machine has a slant needle which makes it easier to see what you are stitching,  nice feature and I learned it was the top of the line machine at that time around 1957 -1958 . Now my dear hubby also brought home another machine but it will never sew anything again , it is simply  decorative as it is rough shape and missing parts . 
Meet Raymond,  the older brother to Ruby I showed you a while back , they will keep each to her company on the old church bench . 
I want to thank everyone who signed up for the postcard exchange , there was a great response and I hope by now most postcards are in the mail or in the making . Please be sure to share your postcards when they arrive and also on the flicker page at the top right side of this blog page . 
 Oh before I go I will share the last three blocks I made for the splendid sampler. 

All caught up until Sunday , what a nice feeling . 
 Enjoy your day and thanks so much for taking the time to stop by .
 Hugs Sheila