Thursday, May 29, 2014

Some lovely mail

Yesterday I received a package in the mail from Lin , this was for a giveaway I had won and it was such a nice surprise to find in the mail .
Now to show you the contents
Each individually wrapped in pink tissue paper and tied up with ribbon .

Lin made the bag as well as the brooch with the beautiful beads , they are both so beautiful , there is the sweetest button  on the bag which you may not be able to see clearly as taking photos is rather challenging right now . She also included a snail key chain , apparently they have a snail eating festival in a village near where Lin lives at the beginning of May . She also added the gorgeous ribbons which are Indian , I love ribbon and will be saving the ribbons she used to wrap each gift as well . Thank you so much for this great prize Lin , I love it all including the card :-)
The sun has found us today ,it sure lifts the spirits . Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.
hugs Sheila

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Are you free on Saturday?

This coming Saturday May 31st is the annual quilt show for the Thistle Quilt Guild , if you happen to be in the area or are able to travel to the area we promise not to disappoint . I will be there in the afternoon so please stop by and say hello . As you can see on our poster we have a raffle quilt and I will say this photo does not do it justice , it is a gorgeous quilt . For those who may not recognize me I will be the one with the cast on my right arm , yes it is still there , one week to go if all is well :-0  Can you imagine how happy I will be to see that removed and hopefully be able to resume sewing in a short while . I am realistic and know taking it off will not magically make my wrist better ,it will take time to strengthen it again but just to get rid of that weight will be a relief . 
 Since I have no sewing to report I will bid you adieu and thanks for stopping by and oh I hope you can join us at our show on Saturday.I will try to take some photos to share:-) 
 hugs Sheila 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

brown bag auction revealed

Last night was our regular monthly meeting of the Thistle Quilt Guild and the time to exchange our brown bag challenge pieces . First I will show you what fabrics I had to work with and then what I made with those fabrics .
I had this beautiful print , a mottled yellow and a deep navy solid , as I mentioned before when I looked at the contents of the bag although lovely fabrics , I had no clue what to do with them but I learned last evening I was not alone in this feeling . The challenge is to make something using only the fabrics in the bag and adding one fabric if necessary to complete your chosen project . This for me was the most difficult part s when looking for that perfect project I would find I would not have enough of one of the provided fabrics , oh I should mention both the print and the navy were FQS and the yellow was maybe close to half a mt. , I knew I had to be sure before cutting that I had enough .  So.....I found that perfect project but I had a dilemma , I had already chosen my extra fabric which would be the background and I needed a green , what did I do well I took some of the yellow fabric and I painted it green ,gutsy or what , maybe just plan stubborn as I really wanted to make this project.
Here is a photo of my painting process , this was for the vine and I also painted some for the leaves , want to see what I made ?
This is a garden flag or wall hanging designed by my friend Annette of in stitches and seams , Annette had kindly asked me to test out her pattern and when it arrived in the mail I knew this is what I wanted to make for the challenge . I passed on my creation last night to Kim and she liked it very much which made me very happy . Now you know what was really funny was Kim had my brown bag but of course neither of us knew that until last night . My fabrics were fall fabrics which is my favorite time of year and Kim surprised me with this beautiful table topper .

A lovely large Dresdan Plate , just perfect for my round table , thanks so much Kim you did a fantastic job of using my fabrics to their best advantage .
I have one more thing to share , some of our members exchanged postcards with the Whangarei Patchworkers quilt guild in  New Zealand and Lynda P who I corresponded with to arrange this exchange just happened to have Kim for a partner and Lynda sent along a beautiful art piece for me as well as Kim , it is just gorgeous .
This is The Bay of Islands in NZ, I sure would love to see this in person. Thanks so much Lynda , I will always treasure it . 
 I wasn't going to mention this but I  am just so darn proud I must share . My brother William Rogers(Bill) is a renowned artist and has won awards all across the globe , well this week , Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have been  doing a royal tour of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island andWinnepeg Manitoba and Bill was chosen by Prince Charles as the official artist for this event . He travelled with them throughout the tour and now I am anxious to see just what he painted for them. If you are interested you can check out his work , here is a link to his website . . I am very proud of my brother and love his work .
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.
 hugs Sheila 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there , where would we be without them . I am rather sad today as i was unable to travel to be with my mom for her special day .

This is my beautiful mom holding her youngest great granddaughter . Love you Mom and wish I was there with you today. 
It is now three weeks since breaking my wrist and there is improvement but still not great , I have adjusted as best I can with this situation but I will tell you it makes you appreciate having two hands to use . I will be seeing the surgeon on Tuesday and there will be another cast change as they have to change the position of my wrist , anyone want to change places with me? Enough crying in my beer I will do what it takes to get me back to normal and quilting again .
Thanks for dropping by today and if you are a mother , I hope you have a special day and if your mom is close by be sure to give her a hug and let her know how much you appreciate her.
hugs Sheila