Monday, December 19, 2016

A couple of postcards and a swap

I am so behind at the moment and I have several things to share but limited time to do so , so.... for now I will share the postcards I sent off to my partners in the swap I hosted . The first was sent off to Eglea in  Brazil,  a simple Christmas tree with gifts and thankfully Eglea took a picture as I forgot to take photos of the cards I sent , oops .

The next one was sent off to Annie of Freezeframe  and again I must thank Annie for this picture .

 A Christmas dove for this one . Thanks ladies for swapping with me . Did everyone in the swap recieve their postcards now?  Thanks to those who participated. 

 Now I would like to tell you about a little swap I did with a friend on FB.  Christina and I became acquainted through my son Robert , he also follows her fb page where she shares a daily photo . Christina is an awesome photographer and one of her favorite subjects is horses which I love . It seems she had been admiring my little landscape postcards I posted now and then on fb and one day she asked if I sold them and if so would I sell one to her as she wished to frame it . Since I don't really sell them it came to me that perhaps we could do a swap , a postcard for a photo of a horse , to my surprise she immediately agreed . I was so excited and we discussed and exchanged addresses and I set about deciding on what to make . I went through my fabrics and as often happens they just spoke to me and I came up with this simple little scene . I can't believe it but again I forgot to take a photo of what I sent to her so this was taken by Christina 

This is actually larger than postcard size , probably 6x8 . It is made with all hand dyed fabrics and simple straight line quilting.   Now the best part of this story is yet to come , it seems that Christina had taken a picture of our son when he was a member of the Musical Ride years ago . I knew Rob had met her but wasn't sure whether she had any pictures of him so was thrilled  when this photo arrived in the mail . 

 Such an awesome picture of an awesome son ! She did send along another photo of a horse but this is the one that really made my heart swell with pride.  An exchange well worth having for sure ! 
 I will not likely get back here before Christmas so before I go I want to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas,  may it be filled with joy and all the best the season may bring.  
 Hugs Sheila 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Some mail and a finish

Good morning , it is a cloudy and cold day here today but no precipitation so that's a good thing . I have received some lovely mail this week , the first one arrived from Lin , a very creative and rather elegant Christmas postcard.

Thanks so much Lin , it was a lovely surprise .
 On Tuesday morning I received not one but two postcards , my partners in the swap . I will share Annie's card first . 

Joy indeed to recieve such a lovely card . I love the idea of the fabric border , really sets it off , thanks so much Annie ,  I love it .
 The next postcard is from my dear friend Eglea in Brazil and the neat thing is both our cards arrived on the same day . 
A beautifully wrapped Christmas present and Eglea told me to look inside the present and I thought what could possibly be inside , well here it is , just incredible . 
This teeny , tiny origami Christmas dove of Peace or as it is spoken in Portuguese , Paz .  A wonderful symbol for Christmas especially in these troubled times . Thanks so much Eglea ,  I love the card as well as the little dove . 
Now you may think that I had a really great day receiving two postcards on the same day and yes I did but it did not stop there , I also received a package from my friend Karen whose is off to warmer places for the winter months , lucky lady . Karen sent me an early birthday gift , this gorgeous landscape fabric as she knows I love creating landscapes 😊

This picture doesn't do it justice , it will really  enhance a landscape and I can't wait to give it a try . Isn't the card cute too , suits me just perfect .  Thanks Karen ,  you are a wonderful friend . 
 I finished up the quilting on Isaac's quilt a while ago but just never got around to posting it . I will say the quilting took me much longer than the construction of the top , that border took forever but I do like the look . 
As you can see I went with very simple quilting , thank goodness I did or it would never get finished . Since I hurt my back last December my ability to sit for long times at the machine are very limited so I have to choose the best possible way to get things done . 
 I think i have kept you long enough this morning ,  hope you have a fabulous day , remember it is up to you , you can choose the kind of day you wish to have .  Thanks as always for stopping by I really appreciate your visits .
 hugs Sheila