Sunday, September 17, 2017

Is it Christmas yet?

I know it has been a very long time since I posted and all I can say is life has been more than tough lately but one must keep the faith that it will all be well in the end . I keep saying to myself "This too shall Pass ". So far that hasn't worked 😥

 Anyway on a brighter note I have done a little sewing and have a few small finishes to share . The first project I would like to share is this Christmas wall hanging I started as a Let's Book it project along with Sharon last year and last week ,we  finished off the quilting  at the church (Holy Name Quilters) and I couldn't be more pleased . I sewed the binding and label on shortly afterwards and here is what it looks like.
This is simply called Merry Christmas and was designed by Jenelle Kent . I will be proud to hang this on my wall for the Christmas season this year .
 Sticking with the Christmas theme, I turned this little block into a mini hanging and I love it too .
Sorry I don't have the designer to share , this was part of a four part Sal and I will check to see if I still have that info and share it . Here is the link for where I got this pattern , it is called Winter Wandering .
 Again we shall remain in the christmas mode as I made this little wool on cotton mini tree skirt . It is really quite cute but took me for ever to get all the applique done by hand .
Since taking this picture I did  topstitching around the edges which I find finishes it off much better . I found this pattern in an older copy of Primitive Quilts magazine , winter 2012.

 This next piece I'd like to share was actually drawn by my 8 yr.old granddaughter this past Christmas.  She turned over a sheet from a large desk calender and within minutes had this drawn out to share with me . I tucked it away with the intention of recreating it for her for Christmas this year and thankfully I have it all completed .
I had such fun making this and I think Elise will be super happy . She loves being an artist 💖
And lastly my friend Karen of KaHolly quilts asked me to make a Raggedy Anne doll for a gift . It couldn't have happened at a better time, I didn't feel much like sewing and this type of sewing just brings a smile to your face .
I think she is rather cute all decked out in her floral dress and apron and just look at that head of red  hair lol .
 I don't know if anyone else has had any issues with blogger lately but I tried on more than one occasion to leave comments and it simply wouldn't let me , so frustrating!
 Thanks for stopping by I hope I won't be such a stranger in the future.
 Hugs Sheila