Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas is just around the corner

Can you believe this year is almost over and Christmas is just two weeks away , how did that all happen ?
November was not a great month for me ,  first off my knee was acting up so I had to have a cortisone shot , then my go to machine a 20 year old pfaff decided it had enough , I cried a little that day , I love that machine then just a few days after that we had a flood . We decided to change our internet provider and the young chap who was doing the installation hit a waterline in the wall and there was water everywhere . I don't know who panicked more , me or him . After a phone call to my hubby we found the shut off valve which was a huge relief . It totally ruined the flooring in one room , the other areas have ceramic  so no damage . However we did have a restoration company come and had dehumidifiers and huge fans going all that weekend . So needless to say I am glad November is over.
 Now did I do any sewing last month , yes of course , that keeps me sane or close 😉 . My first accomplishment was completing the Splendid Sampler quilt top , it will take a while before it is quilted as I plan on having it hand quilted.  This photo shows it before I added the last two borders but I don't have a more recent photo to share .
I added a narrow red border then a wide blue border which really compliments the rest of the quilt . I am so glad I stuck it out and finished this top , there were times when I thought I needed my head examined lol . 
 I have been busy making Christmas gifts but haven't photographed too many of those but here are a couple of pillows I made for my granddaughters using some blocks I had made a few years back as part of a Bom with Raspberry Rabbits .

I think the girls will like them , they are such cute little rabbits . 
 I have started the mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter , hmm, am I crazy or what , perhaps so , but it is something I have wanted to do each year she announces her mystery so this year I decided was the year to have a go . Now there is a ton of work in these quilts I have discovered but I am okay with that as it isn't a race and I don't plan on keeping up each week although I may have tried if it wasn't so close to Christmas. I did manage to get the first clue as well as the second clue completed but when the third clue came out on Friday I decided it was in the best interest of my health to just leave that until after all my Christmas sewing is done. 
Here is my stack of the first clue , I guess I didn't take one of the second one so will share that later on,I will just tell you it involves a lot of flying geese blocks  . I am being really good and only using what fabrics I have on hand and the best part is I am using some realllllly old fabrics that have been around since making dresses for my granddaughters.  This will be a very scrappy quilt , my favorite kind .

 I am doing a curved piecing workshop in January so I decided I should refresh myself on this technique and I stitched up a couple of landscapes.  Here is one to show you what I did .
Such fun 😊
 Well thanks for the visit,  I hope your holiday preparations are coming along well and you are enjoying the process . 
 Hugs Sheila