Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I am making some progress on my Louisa quilt top , today I appliqued on all 48 leaves then added just a few of the sashings but had to lay this out on the floor to see if I like it , I bought this as a kit and that is the first time I have ever done a quilt that way so I may have chosen different fabrics for the backgrounds and also the sashings , I find it really busy , however I love these fabrics by Moda , so nice to work with . Lots of stitching left to do yet and there is a large floral border to go on after this part is sewn together , I will get there eventually;-) I numbered each block before picking them back up so I will know which way to sew them together .
Thanks for stopping by !Sheila
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baseco Bag

I just finished my Baseco bag and I am really pleased
 with how it turned out . This bag is so versatile and
will come in handy for many things .Thanks to a dear friend
for purchasing this pattern and having it sent to me as a
gift.Love it! I forgot to mention I added pockets to the
inside , a zippered one as well as a large divided pocket
on the other side for camera etc. The Baseco bag was
designed by Dawn Hay and the money raised from
selling the patterns goes to help those in Baseco .To
buy a pattern go here . 
She hopes to sell 1000 patterns ! 

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Friday, March 26, 2010

It is snowing today so I decided to do some more work on this challenge project .I am almost finished the applique ,just the middle of the flowers to do now , yeah! I takes a long time for me to do machine applique but since I started this project that way I had to complete it that way . I plan on hand quilting this and since it is suppose to be done by June I really must get cracking ;-) as I am also hand quilting a little doll quilt that I received in our brown bag challenge at the quilt guild.I must post a picture of that one of these days , it is just so cute.
Hope the sun is shining in your part of the world :-)
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clutter bag

Have you ever had a day when nothing goes right , well yesterday was that day for me , I was making this bag which I plan on using as a cosmetic bag and I made one mistake right after the other ,I know if I had taken the time to read the instructions before I started then maybe it would have all worked out much easier for me but I don't give up easily and did finish it last night . I definetly plan on making more so I think maybe the others will go together much faster and without as many mistakes or I hope so !! My friend Linda was her generous self and contributed the fabrics for this bag , they are really lovely fabrics .Thanks Linda!! There were three of us making this bag yesterday morning in our regular Wed. sewing sessions but I was the only one who made mistakes but it was good for a laugh which we can all use now and then . To top it off yesterday afternoon I was out and when I returned to my car it wouldn't start , I am convinced I should have stayed in bed yesterday ;-)So... this gives me another finish for March , isn't that a good thing .
Thanks for stopping by .
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Monday, March 22, 2010

I have a couple of finishes for March , first off the tote bag , a simple pattern but such a versatile size , I am sure it will get lots of use . The pillowcases I made for my granddaughters , I did some seminole patchwork on one just to try that out , hadn't done that in a very long time , it is fun to do . I am working on other projects but they are slow going so no pictures at this time . Thanks for stopping by ! Sheila
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

small tea cabinet

I had a request to show a close up picture of my tea cabinet so I took this photo , the glass drawers we bought in Switzerland and my DH made the cabinet for me when we came home. These type cabinets were used many years ago in Switzerland and Germany for spices and tea etc. and I fell in love with them but couldn't possibly buy one Until we came across the drawers in an antique store and we chose the best ones and carefully packed them and brought them home . I love this cabinet , it has lots of old charm even if it is only about 5years old.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

my kitchen

I am so pleased today to tell you that Rhonda at has featured my kitchen on her blog ,I'm thrilled to say the least .Check it out and see what you think .

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Log Cabin

I just had to share this beautiful quilt a friend of mine made and then had it quilted by
a group of ladies that meet every Tues. to quilt and the money they raise is used to help out
the church . I am a member of that group and we have such a great time together .I have
only been a member since around May of last year,before that time I had never worked on
a quilt frame and had done minimal hand quilting so it has been a learning curve for me and I have learned so much from these
wonderful quilters and had lots of great fellowship as well . We have one member who is 93, such a sweet heart and so full of life,she always makes us laugh unfortunately about a month ago now she fell and broke her hip , we sure miss her and are looking forward to her return as soon as she is up and running again. We completed this quilt yesterday
after a total of 155 hours of work .I never realized how much quilting is involved with a log
cabin quilt but it truly is my all time favorite pattern . Isn't this stunning !!I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work on it ! Too bad I don't get to keep this on my bed ;-)
Thanks for stopping by. Sheila
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

March already

I have one finish for March , this tote bag ,I made it with a linen type fabric and it is one
piece of fabric that is sewn in such a way that is makes the lining ,pretty neat .This was just
a practice so would really like to make one now that is more spring like!!
I just had to share this quite unusual plant that has taken up residence in my Norfolk Pine ,
this past summer I had all my houseplants out on my front step and as usual they really
did well , it seems to be a perfect spot for them to grow. When the fall came I took them
in and repotted them but around Christmas I discovered this small plant starting to grow
my first thought was that it was a sunflower as the birds are always around and we feed
them however to my surprise it is an impatience and is now blooming so pretty at the
base of my pine ,mother nature knew I needed a little sign of spring!
Finally the last picture is of the newest project I am doing , a kit that my DH bought for
me a couple of years ago and I have finally gotten around to cutting and sewing it. The name of it is Lousia by Moda , beautiful fabrics and lovely colors , there are six colors for
the blocks and two backgrounds .I now have all of one background complete , six blocks
they are large blocks at 15" and there are 12 ,not that I had to tell you that . I'll keep you
up to date on my progress .Have a super nice day and thanks for stopping by .

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