Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Anyone for a postcard exchange ?

Oh I know it has been a while , quite a while actually since I graced these pages but some times life can be tough and when the weather doesn't cooperate neither does my body , enough said .
 Anyway I have had this on the backburner long enough so is anyone interested in doing a postcard exchange , I think we will leave the theme up to you,  whatever makes you happy will make me happy , just be creative that is all I ask . So when will they be posted you say , hmm , since we are just about to enter into the month of July let's make it the first of august , how does that sound ? Should give you plenty of time to dream up and make a postcard and send it off to your partner . For inspiration go to Pinterest or flicker,  lots and lots to see.  Once you receive your postcard please post a picture for everyone to see and also post it on the flicker page I have set up in my side bar .
 So what have I been doing this past month ,  just trying to keep up with my Splendid Sampler blocks plus some star blocks I am doing along with Darlene of a Needle Pulling Thread quilt shop . I have manged to keep up with both except this latest SS block , don't think i will do that one , I just don't like PP and especially on that small a scale so may try to draft it out for applique or simply  leave it out .
           This was a fun applique block for this SS , I love the applique blocks .
I haven't been doing Pat Sloan mystery quilt this year but when she posted the block for June and it was the Halifax Public Gardens I just couldn't resist . She had apparently visited our tiny province while on a cruise which stopped in Halifax and then she visited the gardens which really are quite beautiful.  I thought it was so special that she designed a block with the gardens in mind.  I wanted to make something for Canada Day which is July 1st and this seemed perfect to me so here is the pillow I made using Pat's block .
And here is the back , I used a new technique to accomplish the hidden zipper .
I am quite pleased with how this turned out , pillows are great , they are quick to make so give you that feeling of satisfaction.
Oh before I go those who would like to take part in the postcard swap please please send me your info even if you have sent it before as it will save me so much time and it should also prevent addresses from being copied wrong.  So what i need is your full name , home address , blog if you have one and also your email address,  all very important.  Thanks in advance for your help . Hope we get lots of participants and I will try to assign partners as soon as possible but in the mean time you can start your postcard and have it ready to pop in the mail .
 Thanks for stopping by and for my Canadian friends I hope you have a wonderful and festive Canada Day !
 Hugs Sheila