Friday, May 27, 2011

Crazy Quilting Friday

It is somewhat of a miracle that I got a block made this week , it has been a crazy week to say the least . I didn't have time nor did I take the time for any embellishments but I promise I will do that later . Lynda and Jeanette you will both recognize some of these fabrics from our challenge a few years back. Thanks to Betsy of Quilting Fiesta for hosting this event .
What is making me so busy you might ask , well Saturday the 28th the Thistle Quilt guild is having their quilt show so I have been trying to get things ready to take for display. I learned a valuable lesson this year , get those items labeled when you make them ,and especially don't wait until a few days before to get around to it , I sat and sewed on several labels on the larger items last night but am I finished ,NO , then of course are the paper labels we also must fill out so our quilts and other display items can be identified .I have writers cramp from that exercise ;-) I will get it done just not as quickly as I would like . For any readers in Nova Scotia or even New Brunswick we would sure be extra pleased if you could join us for the day , we promise to give you some wonderful eye candy , we have a very talented group.
I am going to add our poster to give details and also to show our talented organized computer person Jeanne , Jeanne writes our newsletters each month as well giving us full details of the previous meeting for those who might have missed it and also for those who enjoy a little refresher , it also gives us upcoming events .She designed and had these great posters printed for us and if you were in the area you would see these in lots of windows and on the bulletin boards of the local malls .
Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great Friday , make it crazy if you can ;-)
Oh before I go I must mention I have not been able to comment on any blogs where it requires word verification as it will not accept my google account .not sure what is going on but I see others are having similar problems , hope they get it ironed out soon.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

New BOM to check out

I know their are lots of quilters out there who also love to do embroidery well I have a wonderful chance for you to win a beautiful kit but also to join in doing the BOM with Leena  of the Stitching Cow.
Click on this link to go read all the details and I am sure you will be happy that you did .

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Isn't this a beauty !

This month I decided to join in the Australian block swap and I was fortunate enough to have Leena as a partner (no blog) . I requested a star block in pinks , any star block and I am delighted with this very unique star block and the fabrics are such a pretty pink . The block arrived in the mail on Friday but I didn't have a chance to take a picture until now .So thank you ever so much Leena for this pretty block and may our blocks meet again sometime .
They told us today we would have some sun , I am still waiting , it isn't raining at least but the sun refuses to show us its face :-( Oh well it could be worse , much worse , I am just thankful for the day . Hope you are enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday and thanks for stopping by for a visit .
hugs Sheila
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Crazy Quilting Friday and a Finish

Another crazy block , this one with a cute little ladybug figure in the center and then all reproduction prints , it is a busy one but I like it ! I love the reproduction prints , they remind me of my grandmothers aprons , my Dad's mother always had a full apron on tied around her waist and these prints all look like something she would have worn .
Thanks to Betsy of Quilting Fiesta for hosting this weekly event and be sure to check out her lovely block today as well .

I completed the Free Motion Sampler from the workshop with Deb Plestid ,now please realize this is a practice piece and it is also my first attempt at this type of free motion, I had done a little stippling but very little and never did perfect it .I really enjoyed this class and will continue to work on improving my free motion ,I think it is a valuable tool to have .

I also finished the May block for Henrietta Whiskers , I used wool for the squirrels and really like the effect of the wool .They still need eyes etc but won't add any of that until the blocks are sewn and the quilt is quilted ,much easier that way , I learned the hard way ;-)  If you are interested in making these cute blocks just click on the icon on the upper corner of my blog and it will take you there .
 Thanks for stopping by for a visit and I hope you have a terrific Friday or Saturday if you are on the opposite side of this amazing earth.
hugs Sheila

Monday, May 16, 2011

Another small finish

This bag is called Clutter Bug and is by "This and That" patterns ,I made this for a friend as a little gift and hopefully she will be pleased . Another little finish for OPAM for May , yeah!
Guess what it is still raining here , dreary wet weather not my kind of day , really hard on the joints too. Oh well they say we might have sun by Wednesday , one can hope . If the sun is shining where you are give thanks ;-0 Thanks for stopping by . Hugs Sheila
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Crazy Quilting Friday

A Crazy patch garden this week , another little stitchery from a pattern by Cheryll Goss . I decided to keep the lower half looking more like a garden area and the top half like the sky ,even added some sunrays ;-) the only ones I have seen all week .
Blogger has been down all day as far as I know I checked several times and couldn't access it so that is why I am so late posting this block . Hope you have had a terrific Friday and thanks for stopping by!!
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Something Special

I want to share this wonderful gift I recieved from Cyndi of Bluebird Wings , I was so surprised to open the package and see all this wonderful wool and these ever so cute mini charm squares ,it truly made my day or even perhaps my week . Cyndi as many of you know is one of the sweetest and kindest people out there in blogland . Last year I won one of her amazing purses and since then we have become friends and you couldn't ask for a better friend , so thoughtful and kind and always a word of encouragement . I know I will enjoy using the wool in many projects , there is a wonderful variety of colors and even of textures , oh it all feels so wonderful , I love wool!! The little charm squares I am thinking will make a sweet little doll quilt or perhaps a runner , will think on that for a spell before deciding , I want it to be the perfect project . Thank you sooooooo much Cyndi!
Yesterday I had a fun day away with my dear hubby , he had to take a course in the Annapolis valley a two and a half hour drive for us , so I joined him as I know of a perfect place to spend the morning shopping for fabric and anything quilt related .It meant we had to be on the road before 7am but it was worth it . I was able to purchase the backing for the mystery quilt , remember that one , well I found a really nice neutral toned fabric for just $3 a mt. so nabbed 7 mts .( just incase ), for that price I didn't want to run short and I forgot to measure the quilt before leaving home . I also got a few FQ'S mostly for landscape projects as it isn't always easy to find things that will work so when I see them I usually buy a small amount to have on hand when the mood strikes to make another landscape . I also bought a bendable bright light to attach to my sewing machine , have wanted one of these ever since I seen them and found this for $10 less so was happy to buy it . Since I had the entire morning to myself I spent about an hour and a half at that store just browsing and seeing what was new .I did notice that the price of fabrics has risen this past while but it is still cheaper there than it is in many places and they have a box or two at the back of the store at all times with discounted fabrics for as low as $3 and this time up to $7 which is still a bargain as they are all wonderful quality .It was a fun time although the drive was rather nasty with heavy rain and some wind as well . It has been a while since we have seen any sun and the ground is now saturated but I am not complaining as other parts of Canada as well as many of the US states are flooded and we aren't at that extreme .
I think now I will go finish off a UFO ,I'll show you that later ;-0
Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by .
hugs Sheila
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A first

Have you ever made a fabric postcard ? This is my first try at this fun little techinque ,now I have no idea if I did it correctly as I have never been instructed on how to make them but I think I have it right . I'm sending this off to a friend and fellow quilter so I hope she likes it . I'd show you the other side but then it would not be a surprise for my friend . My head is now full of ideas to make more of these ;-0
Hope you have had a wonderful Wednesday .
Thanks for stopping by .
Hugs Sheila
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