Friday, September 11, 2015

What I have been working on ... and an upcoming postcard swap :-)

I know it has been a while since I posted , blogging seems to have taken a back burner for me lately  , I apologize as I also haven't been visiting much either :-(
 My trip is coming up real soon , less than two weeks away now and in preparation for that trip I have made myself some cozy pj's in flannel . I won't have Bill to keep me warm and I am such a cold ol gal ;-) My sisters and my Mom are really getting excited now and we are down to trying to decide what we need to pack . I did go out and buy a new jacket which is weather proof and has a hood for those showers we are most likely to encounter while in Scotland and Ireland .  Want to see a picture of my pj's , they still need buttons , I have tons of buttons but none that will work here :-(

 Lovely pink and so soft , they will feel wonderful I am sure . This is a Kwik Sew pattern #2811 and I have made several pairs from this pattern over the years , I love them .
 I am also working on my mystery quilt by Kaaren of the Painted Quilt , have started the long process of cutting the strips for the braid border , lots more to go for sure but this had to be set aside so those pj's could be completed .
 I have had a few inquiries as to whether there would be a postcard swap in the near future , well yes there will be but I will need to schedule it for when I return in early October . If you wish to give me your name and address etc . now that will be fine but I will not be sending out partners names until after my little trip . It takes me a fair amount of time to set this up and I simply do not have that time right now but in the mean time you can start your postcards to send out lets say by the 20 of October .  If you are real smart and get it made now I will get things set up as quickly as I can and they can be in the mail even earlier . Lets make the theme whatever suits your fancy , it can be fall or whatever creative idea you might have . I will need your mailing address , your email address and your blog address if you have one . I would really appreciate this info in a form I can cut and paste , it saves me a ton of time, thanks .
 And now for a couple of nature photos I have recenty taken , this is one of my favorite roads to travel on so peaceful and the trees draping over the road way is a lovely canopy . This is pretty during each season of the year .

Along this road way I came across this fungus growing in an old tree trunk and couldn't resist taking the photo.
a little closer view 
I find these facinating , the simpliest things make me happy .
This was also growing along that road way and I used my macro setting to take this picture , the bees were loving these bright yellow flowers . They are fairly tall plants ad I have no clue what they are ??
Off now to start on my border that comes before the braid , I will update you later as to my progress , oh yes I did go with the churn dash blocks for the corner stones which I am quite pleased with . See you later and thanks for stopping by , I will try to be a better blogger .
 hugs Sheila

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy Birthday to Rob and my mystery quilt progress

Good morning on this first day of September , a day to celebrate our oldest son's birthday . Happy Birthday Rob , we are so very proud of you and all you do and the wonderful son , husband and father that you are . Have a wonderful day just wish we could be there to celebrate with you . Love you !!

 This morning I finished step #3 of the mystery quilt by Kaaren of the Painted Quilt . I changed out the dresdans for the flying birds block . I am not sure I like the way I have them orientated but will think on that and possibly change their direction . I had some difficutly with the template for the dresdans so rather than frustrate myself I decided on this block .
 What do you think , should I change them ??
 So the decision has been made I am changing the corner blocks and have just made on block so far but this is what it will look like with a churn dash block . Thanks for the input ladies it is always good to ask for help :-)

 I must run right now so thanks for stopping by and hope you have a terrific day .
 Hugs Sheila