Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Christmas Tea and Quilt show

Good morning , I must apologize again for being absent but this is a busy time of year and I just can't seem to fit everything in . On Saturday I attended a wonderful quilt show at a local church and what a fabulous display they had . Here are just a few photos I took , I do find it difficult to get good pictures when the quilts are displayed this way but I still think a quilt show in a church is a beautiful thing :-)

This is a fairly large church and they have the advantage of having an area to display a few large quilts hanging full length .
The nine patch was made by one of my friends , not sure which one but a group of us exchanged nine patch blocks and this was one of the quilts that resulted from that exchange .
A nice large sampler 
Appropriate for the season .
another lovely sampler 
I remember helping to quilt this at Holy Name 
This one belongs to Joan , she just recently completed this quilt .
There were lots of smaller quilted items on display as well 
Nice display of poinsettas .
a cute tree skirt
Now this is not the best picture and doesn't give this wonderful display  the credit it deserves . Can you tell what is hanging from the branches of this tree ? They are china cups , Michelle I thought of you and Jeanette and your love of pretty china when I seen this display . The saucers were around the base of the tree , it was so pretty . They also had this wonderful display ...
I had to reach over some ladies to take this photo , the dolls were incredible and those christening gowns which were all handmade just made me smile , The hooked rug was over 100 years old and was in immaculate condition ,  If you look closely there is a photo in the left hand corner of the display and at least one of those ladies is responsible for some of this work . I really enjoyed seeing this display and wished I could take one of those gowns home ;-)
 So that is just a small overview of the quilts and other displays , what a perfect way to kick off the holiday season with colourful quilts and some yummy food , I didn't mention the tea and goodies that came with the ticket to attend . I had a lovely time sharing tea with Kate , Donna and her friend .

On a different topic last week our guild had their Christmas party after our general meeting .which was preceded by a hot turkey supper with all the trimmings , it is a wonder we didn't all fall asleep our bellies were so full .  Each year we have a gift exchange , it is optional but always such fun with Joan as Santa and Gloria as her helper , they make our sides weak from laughter . Santa has a long list  and several bags from which he chooses the gifts and this year my gift was ....

There is a really sweet panel with snowmen , I love snowmen , a very cute pincushion with embroidery scissors set securely in the center , how convenient is that for someone like me who is constantly loosing her scissors and some yummy Lindt chocolate for nourishment when I am stitching . You know this is a secret exchange , we don't know who the gifts are from but this one was just perfect for me , so thank you to whomever brought this gift :-) The gift I brought was this quilters journal and pincushion 
I forgot to take a picture so I asked Rita who received this gift to take the picture . At the top I freemotion wrote Quilters Diary . 
This was the pincushion . That is an antique little coaster that I stitched on top of some linen type fabric . 
 Yesterday I turned one year older and I want to share what Karen sent to me , this adorable little lapel pin .
Isn't it sweet . Thanks so much Karen , 
I also received this lovely package just a day or so before my birthday .
Some gorgeous fabric that will make a pretty attic windows project and some handmade soap in two different lavendar scents , this lovely gift was from my long time friend Marg (no Blog) 
My friend Linda (no blog) gave me this great pattern for an apron , she knows how much I love aprons :-) Thanks Linda :-)
And my friend Dianne gave me these very unique wooded farm scenes .
Thanks Dianne :-)
 Now not to keep you much longer but I also received my postcard from Leah in the snowflake exchange through Brandy Lynn and it came on my birthday so that makes it special .
This little snowman came blowing in with his snowflakes from BC , thanks for exchanging with me Leah . 
 Hope I haven't worn you out , whew , thats it for me today and just incase I don't get a chance to get back here before Christmas I want to thank all my wonderful followers for another great year and I hope your holidays are filled with love and peace and joy . God Bless .
 Hugs Sheila 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Some fun mail

I love mail and squishy mail is even more fun so I was delighted yesterday to open a package from Annette , an early birthday present .

 I love handmade socks and when a friend makes them in your favorite colour what a nice combination . Thanks so much Annette , they will keep me toasty warm this winter . I REALLY want to learn how to make socks and have the wool and the needles now I just need to get started , this has spurred me on to do just that :-) Thanks again dear friend .
 This afternoon I received another early Birthday/ Christmas present from a long time friend Susanne in Denmark ,(no blog) 
Wish Upon a Star, hmm , okay I will do just that I will wish with all my might that someday Susanne and I will meet in person . Thanks so much Susanne for the many years of friendship . I love this little wall hanging , so sweet . 
 Along with this package there was an adorable postcard from my friend Linda  , the jolly old man himself :-)
Thanks so much Linda , I love how you added the dimension with your wonderful quilting !!
 Talking about postcards , I hope all postcards in the postcard exchange have been sent and most likely received by now . I received word that my postcard arrived safely in the UK to Pauline so I can now show you what I sent .
I seen this as a tree ornament on pinterest and decided it would make a great postcard and it was pretty much the correct size , here is where I found it .
I am BUSY BUSY with sewing which is why you haven't seen or heard from me lately , hopefully that trend will change very soon . Thanks for stopping by today and have yourself a wonderful day .
 hugs Sheila