Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Not quite finished

I'm not quite finished but we had to share anyway . This quilt was started early on in the pandemic when I joined a group on FB called the Pfearless Corona Fighters on a Quilters Mission hosted by the talented international quilter Claudia Pfeil of Germany.  This project is so much out of my comfort zone but I decided to leap in anyway with the hopes of learning something new . Well it certainly accomplished that and much more , it filled some stressful times with a fun project , well mostly fun lol . When it came time to quilt it I was rather nervous of that task as my skill level and experience in FM is pretty much NIL but I figured it was the best way to learn.
We have an old barn on our property which I thought would be a perfect backdrop for this colourful quilt . As I stated in the title of this post it isn't quite finished since Claudia is going to teach us to do a facing finish which means the green border you see will be folded to the back . Well we shall see how that goes and I can always opt to just bind it .
  So what have you been doing to help cope with this situation . Thankfully our province has not had any new cases in a week now , that's a big deal to me and I pray it continues that way . Stay safe everyone and I'll try to drop in again soon .

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Yes I'm still here

Hello fellow bloggers , it's been a very long time since I have posted and I'm sure many have given up on me long ago but that's okay , I understand fully.
 First off I will give you a quick report on Bill , it was a tough go to say the least and 33 radiation treatments took their toll on him and basically he is still recovering . He lost over 65 lbs which is a lot for a man who wasn't that big to begin with so it's been a challenge to now try to regain some of that weight . His energy level has improved but it isn't what it use to be and he requires a lot of rest . Otherwise he is doing fairly well and his visits for checkups have gone well .
 Since his treatments we have moved which took its toll on both of us and I'm still trying to recover from that , did I ever tell you I hate moving , well let it be known, I do Hate it !
I had not done any sewing from January last year until probably late September or early October,  I just didn't have the desire nor the energy to do so . I did get busy and made a few Christmas gifts and since that time have settled back into my groove of creating when time allows . So what have I created you may ask. Well I did complete the Moda Blockheads quilt from last year or was it the year before . It was being hand quilted until this pandemic arrived and so it sits in the church awaiting our return .
 I also did a QAL of a scrappy block and here is my result . This was hosted by Darlene D'eon of Darlene's Designs 

As you all know the world is in a pandemic , at times it feels like a bad horror movie , one I would definetly turn off , but here we are smack dab in the middle of it and the only thing we can do is do as the health authorities tell us and Stay the blazes home where we are safe and when we do go out which is not often to take all the necessary precautions,  wearing masks and washing our hand frequently and oh ,no touching our face.  It's a scary time for sure but I try to keep busy sewing to maintain my sanity and I hope you too are able to keep busy creating in whatever fashion makes you happy . 
 Stay safe and be well.  Hugs 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

More distractions

Tonight I shared a collection of fabric postcards I have received over a number of years through exchanges . The ladies staying at the Lodge along with one gentleman came to view them and were all quite impressed with these little pieces of art . None of them had even heard of these fabric postcards and were shocked that they had come through the mail in this manner . I also took a few minutes to explain how they are constructed and you just never know maybe someone else will catch this bug lol .
  When you are staying here going through treatments simple little activities like this help pass the time as well as distract from the reason they are here . It felt good to give them a reason to smile .
 Thanks for stopping by .
 Hugs Sheila

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Little distractions

Have you ever heard of prayer flags ? Well apparently they are seen everywhere in Tibet or other countries where Buddhism is common . I took a little workshop recently a Healing Arts Program and we made these prayer flags .
These are the traditional colours,  yellow represents earth ; green / water ; red/ fire ; white /air and blue for spirit or space . They are a simple construction of rectangles of fabric each with a prayer or quote and of course you could decorate them as much or as little as you wish . Due to time restraints we simply wrote a quote on each and did a running stitch on a piece of ribbon to hold them all together . Making them and allowing the messages to sink into my somewhat overwhelmed brain gave me a sense of peace. They will hang outside our home until nature decides to take them away along with the messages they each contain . I have made more elaborate prayer flags for an exchange years ago but these simple flags will also bring messages of hope , love and faith into the universe.
 This journey we are on is challenging to say the least and things are very uncomfortable for Bill now and of course that also affects me . Please pray for us both . Thank you .
 Blessings Sheila

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Life has taken another turn

Since i last posted in January our life has dramatically changed.  Bill was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his neck and also at the back of his tongue . After many appointments he had surgery on February 28th to remove all the visible cancer cells . On march 4th we returned home with me driving in a bad storm , i hate driving in bad weather but you do whst you have to do. The next day our friend plowed us out and i asked him if he would mind turning the vehicles for me . Both vehicles are large and those who know our driveway  would understand why i asked . Well it turned out that was a really great request as just as iwas about to serve supper Bill was washing up when i heard him say "oh no" , i knew almost immediately what was happening so i ran iinto the bathroom where Bill was hemmoraging . I called 911and as is their policy they started asking questions.  I decided i didn't have time to answer nor did we have time for them to get there so i told them i was taking him myself . They said so you are ending this call , yes i replied and hung up . As quickly as possible i got Bill out to the vehicle and then i drove to the hospital as quickly as possible.  We live about 5minutes away if i was doing normal speed . We met the ambulance quite close to the hospital , apparently they must check it out anyway so my decision was right , they still had at least 4pm minutes to go .

 Bill was airlifted to the hospital where the original surgery took place and subsequently spent several more days in the hospital. He is now under going radiation therapy to take care of the small cells that were not visible.

 This journey had taught me so much , most importantly what is most important and the value of a loving family who came to be at our side during this very challenging time, i don't think i could have done it without them . I also learned i am tougher than i thought and can think quickly when time is of the essence.  I do think i had some heavenly guidance when i needed it most .

 I don't have any quilting to share at the moment , as i am sure you understand sewing has taken a backseat for now .I did bring along some handwork this week though.

 Thanks for stopping by please keep us in your thoughts  .

hugs Sheila