Friday, August 18, 2023

A little catch up

It's been awhile I know but i thought I would give this another whirl.  I hope everyone is doing well and stitching up lots of beautiful creations . I had to take a little stitching break due to a compression fracture in my spine but I'm starting to heal and getting back to sewing , not quite as much as I'd like but anything is a good start . 
 I have several projects on the go , two baby quilts , both just tops and a top I just completed that is meant for a stitch along with our guild but I got carried away . The quilt is called Be My Neighbor by Pat Sloan and Moda and was fun to make . 

I'm hoping to hand quilt this with my Tuesday group at the church when we have an opening .I won't share the baby quilts just yet they are a secret.  

I had a devil of a time even signing into my blog so hopefully this will actually post . Thanks for reading  and hope to be back soon . 


  1. Glad to see a post from you. Love the quilt.

  2. Welcome back my dear friend. In stitches Annette

  3. Hey Sheila, good to read you again.... lovely quilt to start back with....

  4. Sheila, I hope you are doing well. I took a break also and am posting again. Your quilt is lovely; I love a quilt with a mix of images. Take care, and I hope you can post again soon.