Monday, December 30, 2013

Another year is coming to a close

I don't know about you but I think 2013 just flew by , it was a busy year and sometimes a rough year but overall I am thankful for this year and looking forward to 2014 . On Christmas day my hubby and I went to visit with my Mom and sisters and families . It was a lovely day which started out with a somewhat wintery drive  but oh so pretty .

 The trees along the roadside were heavy laden with snow , a fresh snowfall the night before just perfect for Santa and his reindeer.  The roads were a little tricky on the way to our destination so we were extra glad we had put snowtires on our vehicle. As we were driving along the scene reminded me of one in a favorite movie of mine , Dr. Zhivago , remember when they were heading across the open fields with snow laden trees and the house in the distance that looked more like an ice castle . Well this didn't quite measure up to that but it was so beautiful  and this next photo was on our way home the next day so the road conditions improved greatly  .
This is coming down Kelly's Mountain in Cape Breton , a true Christmas card scene . 
Lots of fresh snow to make for a peaceful winter scene , so white and pure .
We enjoyed the company of fourteen for dinner and had lots of food for an army with pot luck being our choice this year due to it being easier to deal with in mom's apartment . The atmosphere was one of joy to be all together for this special day but kind of sad too as we were missing our favorite storyteller my amazing Dad , I guess he was telling stories to the angels this year , we sure do miss you Dad . 
I want to share my little Christmas postcard collection I received this year , I love them all and will treasure them always . 
Guess what ,I won a fabulous giveaway on Henry Glass blog , my name was chosen for day two in his week long giveaway after the orginial winner did not contact them , lucky me and I feel sorry for the person who lost out on this wonderful gift . What did I win ? Well  fourteen halfyard prints in the Weekend Retreat line by Henry Glass , they are so pretty !
I know I will have lots of fun with this great collection , they would make a fabulous boys quilt ! Thanks so much to Henry Glass . for this great win , I really appreciate it . 
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to getting back into the routine again . I know I am looking forward to getting behind my sewing machine again , it has been a while and I am having withdrawals. Sorry I have not been around to visit many blogs lately but hope to catch up soon . Our son and his family arrived safely last night so I know you will understand if I go missing again for a while . Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy New Year to you and yours !!
 hugs Sheila

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas to all !

I want to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas and may the joys of the season fill your heart with the love that surrounds you . I hope you have the opportunity to spend time with your family and friends . I am super excited this year as  we will have our oldest son Robert and his family for the Holidays , they won't be here on Christmas day but a few days later due to work committments and I hope they have a safe journey , it is a long drive . This will be the first time in nine years since we have had this special time together so I am thrilled !!
Yesterday we had an ice storm, it was not a real pleasant day and here is a photo I took early this morning of our poor bird feeders .

 As you can see we have plenty of snow on the ground although the rain we had did pack that down . Each winter we take a fir tree and put it on the deck for the birds , this way they have some shelter as they feed , you can see a nyger seed feeder in the tree and that is usually filled with the Gold Finch . There are icicles hanging from the feeders and the tree is just laden with ice . Bill did go out and fill the feeders after this photo was taken . More rain in the forecast for today and it is an ice rink in our yard so this gal will be staying inside where I can't slip ;-) 
 Again a very merry Christmas to all and all the best of the season , I will not likely get back here until after the holidays so take care ,stay safe and warm and as always thanks for stopping by .
 hugs Sheila 

Monday, December 16, 2013

A day to celebrate

Once a year we get to celebrate our birthdays and today is the day I get to celebrate , I won't tell you the number of years I get to celebrate but it is substantial and I appreciate each and every year I get  ;-).  It is a sunny but chilly day after the storm, the storm didn't produce as much snow for us as first thought , we probably got around 15 cm. which is enough to make for a nice white Christmas if things don't warm up.
 I want to share what I received from some of my blogging friends for my birthday  . The first package to arrive was from Lesley  , such a thoughtful friend .
This lovely journal with a handcrafted cover , it is just gorgeous and I also love the card she sent , thanks so much Lesley !!
I then received this lovely present from Annette , she knows how much I enjoy my tea  so she made me this really beautiful tea cosy which is reversible , how clever is that :-)

Here is the Christmas side , and here is the reverse side ..
A lovely nautical fabric , how perfect is that , she also included some tea which I forgot to put in the photo . Thanks so much Annette , this cosy will keep my tea nice and warm and I would love to share a cup with you .
I also received this birthday postcard from Linda  ,
Isn't it great , it is actual postcard fabric which she added little appliques to , I love it Linda , thanks so much !!
Now I must share what I have been sewing lately , I think I told you I was making two jumpers for my granddaughters , well they are finally both finished , it seemed to take me forever .
Jumper #1 , for Elise , this photo does not really do this justice , I love this little jumper and I think it will look just sweet on her .
Jumper #2 for Nila , a solid red corduroy with a cotton print lining for the bodice , I had to put a zipper in this one and that was why it took me so long , I am so out of practice in that category that I procastinated big time but in the end it went in without a hitch .
 I have also been making some small items for exchanges , want to see ?

 A little wool needlecase , a pattern that was in a magazine years and years ago . Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the interior but it basically just had a couple of wool pages for the needles .
Next was this little roll up sewing case , a pattern from all people quilt .com , now for the interior ..
It has a few pockets for needles and scissors and the flower pot is made of wool and is a pincushion of sorts .
I seen a photo of something similar to this on pinterest so drew it out on paper and went to work doing some handwork , it is all done by hand and I put a pin on back to either wear as a brooch or place on your sewing bag , it was really fun to do and I think I will have to make another for me ;-)
Here is a postcard I sent off the other day , I had signed up for an exchange on a yahoo group and had completely forgotten I had done that so had to scramble and get one made , the theme was winter wonderland .
 I have made a few more postcards but I will share those at another time ,I think I have kept you long enough for now . Thanks so much for stopping by today and enjoy your day .
 hugs Sheila 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas QAL and Challenge

                                                              Needle, Thread, Happiness 
Good morning from a very cold east coast , we are bracing for our first major winter storm tomorrow , lots of snow and lots of wind and it is mighty cold out there , not the norm for us for December but it does help put us in the Christmas spirit , I love a white Christmas :-)
 Away back in June  I joined in on the Christmas QAL & challenge with Joanna   and Hazel our hostesses and our challenge was presented by Sue  . I love a challenge and this one involved making a Christmas project with specific measurements that did not have any red or green , now that is quite the challenge but I was up for it or so I thought ;-) I went to my stash of Christmas fabrics which is not that large to begin with and the only thing I found was some pink and blue fabrics both with snowflakes , ok , that will work ,so off I went to make my block for that month . I did not have a lot of either fabric so I chose to make a block I felt I could work into a runner and each month I added to this challenge in someway. The end result was to measure no more than 96" and could be any shape  as long as the outside measurements did not exceed this total . Did I manage to do that , well I was over by 1/2" or slighlty less , I measured but did not have my camera handy and I meant to go back and take that picture but I completely forgot and I mailed it off this week. I had taken a picture of the runner a while ago when I finished the quilting but did not realize I needed to measure until later and did not retake that photo.
   Here is my completed runner , I FMQ the blocks and did some straightline quilting in the borders which I really liked the look of , I also stitched in the ditch around each block . Thanks so much to Joanna , Hazel and Sue for this wonderful fun challenge , hope we can do it again sometime .
 Thanks for stopping by today and if you are in the path of the storm stay safe , warm and cosy inside where you can sew to your hearts content.
 Hugs Sheila

Saturday, December 7, 2013

FNWF Report

I took part in the FNWF( Friday night with friends) hosted by Cheryll , it is always nice to sew along with friends :-) So what did I stitch on last evening , well now I was sitting watcing Dateline and doing some hand stitching on a pincushion , would you like to see it ?

Here it is , a little wool pincushion with some velvet on the back , this was a pattern in Fons and Porter a few years back and is a design by Sue Spargo , kind of cute don't you think . I also finished off another pincushion that I had started earlier in the week , just needed stuffing and the wings attached .
Another Fons and Porter pattern designed by Kimber Mitchell Van Heukelom and was in the December issue in 2010 . It is quite large ,you can compare the tiny little owl in the background .
Hope everyone enjoyed a little stitching last evening , to see what others have done check out the links on Cheryll's blog here  . Thanks for stopping by today , I always enjoy your visits.
 Hugs Sheila

Thursday, December 5, 2013

What I am working on today

On this dreary winters day I am working on a couple of jumpers for my granddaughters , two have been cut and one has been partially sewn .
This is the one under the needle at the moment , they are both a fine corduroy that feels like velvet .
And this deep red is cut and ready for stitching . It shouldn't take too long once I get going on these , I am so out of practice in making clothing , the patterns almost feel like greek ;-)

I forgot to share the postcards I sent off in the exchange I had here on the blog , would you care to see ?

I sent this angel to Betsy of Quilting Fiesta  and she arrived safe and sound into her mailbox :-) Sorry I cut off the poor angels legs in this photo.
I sent this Christmas candle to Dawn (no blog) and it also has arrived safely . I want to thank each and everyone who took part in the exchange , I hope that all cards have now arrived , if not could you please email me to let me know . If you are all up to it we may do this again in the new year .
 Well I better get back to the machine , just wanted to pop in and say hello , oh before I go I also want to thank you for the prayers for my Mom , she is still in hospital , a few set backs but she is doing ok and should be home next week if all goes well , keep on saying those prayers she will have some challenges in the next little while .
 Thanks for stopping by and have a great day .
 hugs Sheila

Sunday, December 1, 2013

What's New

What's new , well a few things but I first want to say that my dear Mom has fallen and broken her arm this morning and is now in the hospital ,I have no other details at this time but please if you are the praying kind please say a little prayer for her , she is going to need them , thanks .
I have had some lovely mail lately , and I know you will want to see these wonderful postcards that came my way .

 The first one to arrive was from Selina , isn't this just the cutest little reindeer . Thanks so much Selina for taking part in the swap and sending me this adorable postcard. Then this one arrived on Friday .
This is from Betsy  and can you believe this is her first ever postcard , what a great job , I love it !! Thanks so much Betsy .
 I have been busy sewing but most of what I have done I have either not taken a photo or I can't show you right now but I will share this little dress I made for my granddaughter .

A soft purple velveteen , sorry I didn't have a model so this was the best I could do for a photo :-) It had been a while since I had made anything in the clothing line so it was a nice change.  My friend Linda had given me this fabric quite sometime ago and I only recently rediscovered it in my stash , thanks so much Linda you are a sweetie. 
That is it for me today , I hope all is well with you and again if you could say a little prayer for my Mom I would really appreciate it . Have a great day and thanks for stopping by .
 hugs Sheila