Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Let's Book it , a flimsy and some fun mail

Bet you are surprised to see me back here so quickly . Well I remembered this is the end of august and time to report on my Let's book it project . I had been a little slack in reporting on this the last while but I have made progress . For today is will share the block I completed this month .

 Kind of a dark photo , we have had some dull days lately although today is gorgeous . The one I completed has the little circles applique around it . Almost time to start sewing the blocks together 😊 Thanks to Sharon for keeping us on track each month to use those books and patterns we have sitting on our shelves.
 Next I'd like to share some special mail I received a few days back , a sweet summery postcard from Selina,  thanks so much Selina,  I love it .

Isn't it cute ☺
I am determined to finish up some ufos so this week I have managed to complete the second Frozen quilt top,  this one will go to my granddaughter Elise.  Sophia loves hers which makes me happy. 

It looks pretty much the same as the first one with the exception that i didn't piece her name into the border.  I did cut out letters to applique them on but now I am not so sure I want them on , will contemplate for a while before I decide . 
Today I am working on the braid border for the mystery quilt I started quite some time ago with Kaaren Johnston of the Painted Quilt . I love this quilt so was feeling bad that it has been sitting for so long . I have the braids made now so time to stitch them on so off I go to do just that .
 Thanks for stopping by today , hope you are enjoying your day .
 Hugs Sheila 

Monday, August 29, 2016

St. Davids Church quilt show and sale

Good morning , a little on the wet side this morning but we need the rain so not complaining . I am finally back to share the quilt show that took place a couple of weeks ago in Port Hastings at the little church called St. Davids , a delightful church and a fabulous quilt show .

 A view from the front of the church towards the back , as you can see they make use of all the pews as well as hanging some from the balcony and some rods across the church . Note in the forefront of this photo the tartan woven throws , they are just gorgeous .  
 Who doesn't love a log cabin quilt and this one is stunning .
A perfect quilt for our province .
I thought this one was rather beautiful , it must have been a kit , everything matches so well .
A modern take on Dresdans 
There are no words to describe how incredible these quilts are , both made by Anne Morrell Robinson .
 Again made by Anne Morrell Robinson , such talent and if you had an extra $3000-$4000 you could have taken one of these home .
 There were lots of colouful quilts to buy for the little ones in your life .
Pretty nine patch .
Look up , look wayup and you will see these gorgeous quilts , the one on the right is made by Lesley , the Cuddle Quilter ,she had other quilts in this show as well and worked there everyday ,!
A modern beauty by Karen of Kaholly fame 
Another by Karen :-)
And yet another Karen creation , this one really caught my eye as it uses scraps in such a creative way , love it !!
Not the best photo but this was an interesting art quilt .
I think this is Lesley's quilt , I apologize Lesley I can't remember and I am bad for not keeping notes . It sure is pretty ,
 There were a few of this pattern , Labryinth I think it is called . They tell me it isn't as complicated as it looks .
This gorgeous quilt already had a sold sign on it when we were there , I can see why , it was so well done and all hand quilted , an heirloom for sure .
Love the pinwheels !
 This Celtic knot quilt also sold pretty quickly .
 Some ladies working on a Quilts of Valor Quilt , Lesley and her group made this quilt and are hand quilting it to give to a Veteran . Isn't it lovely .
 They had other things on display other than quilts and this bag caught my eye , love the style of it . The one next to it was especially nice in red , white and navy blue but I couldn't get a decent photo of it . 
 So this is just a small sampling of this lovely show , my friends and I really enjoyed the day and it was wonderful to see Lesley at work :-) 
 Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed the show , to see more be sure to pop on over to visit with Lesley , she has a link to a FB page were you can see even more of the show .

Saturday, August 20, 2016

FNSI report

I have the advantage of stitching on Thursday and Friday evenings for FNSI with Wendy . So what did I do , well on Thursday evening I finished up the July bom for Buttermilk Basin BOM,  yeah .

These are such fun to do , thanks Stacy.
 Yesterday afternoon I started back on the Frozen quilt I need to get made for my granddaughter Elise.  I did finish one for Sophia so now for number 2 . I had a few of the pinwheels started months ago so yesterday in between chores I made a few more.
Let's see , I can count 5 there and then last evening instead of stitching I prepped some more . I had the hsts made but not trimmed so that was my job .

All trimmed and stacked for stitching . Unfortunately that was all I accomplished last evening but it will give me a great start on finishing up this quilt . Thanks Wendy for hosting this event I  love to stitch along with others . 
 Thanks for stopping by and I promise to share the second quilt show real soon. 
 Hugs Sheila 

Friday, August 19, 2016

More of the quilt show

Here is more of the quilt show in Saulnierville Nova Scotia , get ready for a treat .

                                               A gorgeous red and white sampler .
                                    I think this was another one by Darlene but not sure . I sure love it .
This is a version of the mystery quilt that Darlene of a Needle Pulling Thread so kindly shared with us a few years back .
 This scrappy masterpiece to me represents a LOT of work but isn't a fun quilt and a great stash buster ,not that any of you have any scraps ;-)
                             Another sampler , love the border treatment on this one .

 A different version of the above quilt I think , lighter colours . Pretty pretty :-)
A little different take on the churn dash block , quite interesting for sure and again a great stash buster.
                                 Combination of stars and log cabin blocks .

 OH I love this one , quite a unique pattern and love the applique border , really sets it off . This one was by Joan Tufts , I know some of you know her blog . She had several quilts in this show .
Beautiful nine patch , you cant beat a nine patch , so many possiblities , this one is perfect,
                                                         French Braid pattern
Maple Leaves in fall colours , wonder if she would lend that to me for a while ;-0

                           Another pretty nine patch , love how she framed the blocks.
 So the above quilt is also made by Darlene , I thought it might be and I didn't take many of the labels attached but had for this one so thought I should share it.
                                      Nice border treatment on another nine patch .
 Don't know the name of this pattern but so effective and a great use of scraps , You see I have an abundance of scraps so am always interested in finding interesting ways to use them up but have found that no matter how many I use I seem to accumulate even more , I think I have scrap monsters in my closets lol.
 Another view down through the church . I do love a quilt show in a church , all those colours just seem to fit in a church where there are often stain glass windows . Oh I see I took this from the front of the church looking towards the entrance , you can see the crazy quilt hanging from the balcony . 
I thought you might like to see this little work in progress by Carol Swinden the artist who created the beautiful thread painted baby , fox and antique car . Thanks to both Linda's for providing the name of the artist , I appreciate your help . She is simply amazing  . 
 So that is it for this quilt show but in a day or so I will share the show from St. Davids Church in Port Hastings . 
 Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed the show , not quite as good as being there but better than nothing I suppose .
 hugs Sheila

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ready for a quilt show ?

Good morning from a very Wet Nova Scotia , lots of rain today which we are thankful for as things had become very dry and a ban had been in place for any fires or even hiking in the woods . This should help in many ways and I know the farmers will be very happy .
 Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to share a few photos of the quilt show . I have had the pleasure of visiting the quilt show in Saulnierville Nova Scotia , just incredible and I also recently visited a beautiful show in Port Hastings in a sweet little church so I will share those another day .

 This is the church where the event took place in the French community of Saulnierville , it is massive .
A view down the isle , as you can see there are a lot of pews and each had two quilts in many different colours and styles .

This crazy quilt hung in the entry just above my head so a little difficult to get a decent photo but it was quite lovely .
 A fan quilt all hand quilted , something that really impressed me about this show was the number of hand quilted quilts and they were such tiny perfect stitches , wow .
A simple design that I quite liked .
Another example of fine hand quilting .
A cathedral window quilt which was mesmerizing .
Gorgeous ,
                                 This quilt was made in memory of the Priest in the photo .
 I thought this was stunning . 

                                          This cutie just spoke to my soul, just adorable .
                                      For you hexie lovers , just look at that quilting .
                                          Pretty log cabin , again with nice hand quilting .

                                         How about the quilting on this beauty !
                                                          This one speaks for itself

Do you recognize this little baby in the center ? This gorgeous quilt won viewers choice in the CQA when the show took place in Halifax a few years back . Can someone help me out with the artist name , her first name is Carol and she created these three quilts , the fox , the baby and the antique car , amazing work . She was present at the show doing thread painting which I thoroughly enjoyed watching .
Opps I cut off her head but you can see she was creating a little postcard size scene and had several on the table that she had created .

Don't you just love this churn dash quilt made by Darlene of a Needle Pulling Thread .
Maybe I should end this for now , it is getting picture heavy and I don't want blogger to start acting up so I shall share more later , hope you enjoy this part of the show .
 Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day , it is a great day here for sewing for sure .
 hugs Sheila