Monday, February 25, 2013

It's all about ME

Well now ,I  know you have all been having such fun seeing all the wonderful creative interpretations of Amy Bradley's pattern "It's all about Me ". I know I had a blast making this fun little pattern , wasn't too sure in the beginning of what I would do but a light bulb came on, and from there it was easy and so fun :-) First I want to thank Madamm Samm for being our blog host and to Marlene for being such a fantastic cheerleader we wouldn't be able to do this without you both and of course without Amy's adorable pattern ,so thanks Amy .
 For those of you who have been following my blog for a while you know how much I love crazy quilting , why ,I took part in a challenge " Crazy Quilting Fridays" with Betsy of Quilting Fiesta for over a year , each week we would make a crazy patch block and post it , so much fun and a great way to reduce that stash of scraps or so I thought lol.  So...... when it came time to make this block I thought why not use my love for crazy quilting to create "It's All About Me" ,so here you have it my version with a slight twist from Amy's pattern .
 "I'm a little bit Crazy ", my hair was black at one time but looks more like this now almost all white, well maybe all white if I am honest ;-) I have to say my figure is not anything like this which I guess is a good thing , but I am crazy , crazy about quilting , crazy about taking part in blog hops and my friends think I am crazy getting involved in so much ,but hey that makes life interesting and maybe at times a bit CRAZY !
Here is a little close up of Me , a pincushion in my hair with beads used as the head of the pins , lovely earrings to adorn my ears , a large purple flower brooch  to match the flowers in my crazy patch dress of various black and white fabrics and hey even my glasses match what more could a girl ask for right .

As a thank you to each of you for taking the time to stop by, I am having a little giveaway , if you are interested in winning this little mug rug and some other little surprise that I have yet to decide on just leave me a nice comment and I would really appreciate you be a follower , thanks and be sure to stop by and visit all of the other gals playing along in the hop today , the links are below and if you missed any of the other days be sure to check them out , Marlene has all of the participants listed on her blog . Have a wonderful day and do something Crazy it just might make you happy  :-)
hugs Sheila

Tuesday, February 26

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday happenings

Winter seems to want to hang on , it is snowing and blowing here today a good day to sew :-) I made good progress on Darlene's Mystery quilt , I have all of the hour glass blocks made but need to sew them on the center block . I love it and hope to get these sew on today but for now I will share what I have done .
Not the best picture as they are piled on there but you get the idea .
 I am not sure if I told you I have now set up my Mom's quilt frame in my living room , she passed it on to me when they moved to an apartment this summer , it sadly had never been used but I plan on changing that . Here is a photo Bill took of me during a recent snow storm while I sat and quilted in front of our large window , what a perfect place to quilt , lots of natural light and quite a nice view too , even in a storm .
Notice the binoculars on the windowsill, those are there just in case a deer comes into view or a different bird to the feeder .
 I have been involved in a postcard exchange within our guild and I must share the lovely card I received from Annette of In Stitches and Seams , Annette is very creative as you will see .
Isn't it delightful, a little touch of spring in my sewing room , thanks Annette :-)  I have also been busy making postcards but for some reason rarely think to take photos before I send them off , but here is a couple I have recently made .
There you have it , a few experiments and always fun . Oh I also completed the February block for Quilt Doodles , you will see the link on my sidebar .
Pretty simple block but it looks very nice next to the January block the snails trail . So now I am off to have a little lunch and do some stitching this afternoon . Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and have yourself a great day :-)
 hugs Sheila

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Catching Up

Oh my it sure has been a while since I have shared anything ,life and computer problems are to blame and it sure feels good to be back . I have not been visiting blogs much either so I apologize for that. The good news is I have actually made progress on some UFO's ,want to see what I finished up ? Ok I thought you might.
This was my first finish ...

Winter in Blogland , a free pattern from Ellie's Quilt Place , I did not add all of the borders in the original pattern and I hand quilted it . Next up is my crazy patch project that was a RR as I explained in an earlier post , it is wonderful to have this completed as I love all these blocks and it was such a shame to have them on a shelf not being loved .
Sorry for the poor lighting , it is really sunny and I suppose I could have taken this outside in the snow but I am too lazy ;-) I will say that working around the beads was a bit of a challenge but otherwise it went together well. 
I have also been doing a few blocks , I will share this one that I did yesterday , it is the February block for Aurifil threads ,it was a little challenging .
Isn't it a pretty block though , I would never make a whole quilt with this block , it was hard to keep things straight and I actually didn't if you look closely but I won't tell lol!
I have sure missed blogging , being without a computer is really hard , guess I am spoiled. Well thanks for stopping by today and I hope to be around more frequently so be sure to pop by and say hello , love hearing from you .
 hugs Sheila

Its all about Me

Today is the first day of the bloghop It's all about Me , be sure to hop on over and visit all of the blogs participating . Here is the list for the hop hosted by Madame Samm and our cheerleader Marlene. My day to share is February 26th so be sure to came back. I have been missing lately so have lots to catch up on , our computer crashed but thanks to John it is up and running again , yippeee.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Where does the time go , I can't believe it is Wednesday again already . I have had a busy week , some sewing some frog stitching ,more than I wanted to do for sure but I am glad I did it and I did make progress in a few areas .
Here is my Winter in Blogland in the process of being hand quilted , I sandwiched it with flannel thinking it would be best to keep it lying nice and flat but it is not all that easy to hand quilt through so may not have been the best choice . I did not add as many borders as in the original pattern and I struggled with what to frame this with but overall I am now pleased and once this is quilted I think it will look just fine.
 I have a few other UOF'S that I did not post about recently and one I worked on this morning .
These crazy patch blocks were part of a round robin exchange and have been on my shelf a little too long so time to get these lovely blocks made into something . I chose this pale shade of peach to use as sashings , it was a little challenging to sew around the beads that have been added but I did manage and now to decide on the border . The first block top left was made by Lynda  , the next one is mine, the second row left is by Martha , no blog and sadly has since passed away , next to Martha's is Dianne's , bottom row is Jeanette's  and the final block is by Janet no blog .Aren't they lovely blocks , I am now very anxious to see this as a finish .
 Ok I know many of you already think I am a little crazy and I will agree with you as I also started a new BOM this morning , ok don't throw anything at me unless I can use it to make blocks;-)You see I was going to my little sewing session and I needed something to work on but did not want to haul too much along and most everything I am trying to finish up requires either machine quilting or hand quilting and it just is not possible to take them with me so what is a girl to do but start something new right , ok maybe not but I did anyway.
This is the January block for Quilt Doodles , you will see the icon on my right sidebar if you are interested in giving this a try .I did have the February block with me as well but I made a mistake when cutting off part of the block , you would have to see it to understand but not a total loss it will become a new block just not the one it is suppose to be ,life happens right. To make matters worse I broke my glasses last night and I am totally lost without them , I did a make shift job of fixing them with crazy glue until they can get a frame for me but since I wear bifocals the glasses are not sitting where they should be so things are not looking like they should either . By tomorrow afternoon I should have this problem fixed I hope :-(   Under the present circumstances I probably should not be sewing but I am anyway .
 I am linking up to the Needle and ThreadNetwork and be sure you stop by to see what others are doing this week .Thanks for the visit .
hugs Sheila

Monday, February 4, 2013

UFO Update

It is already February 4 so it is time to make note of my plans for my UFOs for this month , I will be working on the Country Cottages quilt, my plan is to get this on my frame and do some hand quilting , I will not likely finish it this month but I hope to make a good start.
Then I want to finish off the Autumn Bounty , I spent hours the other evening unpicking the machine quilting I had done so will need to redo that .
And my third project to work on is my Winter in Blogland , no photo but I am in the process of adding borders and will get that quilted .Here it is before borders.

I am linking up to Carrie and hope to accomplish my goals for this month , better get busy :-) It is a storm day so a great day to sew . Hope you enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.
 hugs Sheila

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Oh I know it is Sunday and I am just getting around to posting about my sewing with friends on Friday hosted by Cheryll , sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid intentions . I did stitch with my Aussie friends on Thursday ,I worked on some stitching on my project for the blog hop " stitch me up" , a little , very little sneak peak for you .
Sad but true ,huh , sorry but I have to keep this a secret until my day to post and that won't be until sometime in March . I also finished off my project for the It's all About Me blog hop , want a preview ?
Oops wrong side , oh well guess you will have to wait until this gets posted too :-)

On Friday night I planned on stitching, however, I spent hours , yes hours frog stitching my pumpkin project , I tried to machine quilt it to get that off the UFO list and I was not too happy with my results . It took forever to get those stitches out but I have it back to square one again so lets hope the next try is more successful . If I have any talents in quilting it is not in the machine quilting catagorie ;-)
 I will be posting later today or early tomorrow of my UFO plans for this month so best decide where my priorities are for February ,I have plenty to choose from .
 Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.
 hugs Sheila

Friday, February 1, 2013

Some mail just for me :-)

Yesterday I went to my mailbox and inside was a package just for me , I immediately ripped it open and it was then my heart skipped a beat , I mean really it did . You see inside was the pattern Betsy's Closet along with this delightful charm pack "walk in the woods" by Moda a gift from my friend and fellow blogger Lesley of the Cuddle Quilter .
I will share a little secret about myself, as a child I loved paper dolls , I was always thrilled to receive a new paper doll book for birthdays or Christmas and even drew my own complete with clothes . My favorite paper dolls were Betsy McCall , I loved the designs , the dolls were so sweet and the clothing just as cute, so this pattern brings back so many wonderful memories .Just wait until I share this with my sisters , they were big fans as well . Sadly you don't see paper dolls like when we were kids or at least I have not come across any . Thanks so much Lesley for making my day and I know I will really enjoy stitching these up .
 Now this morning the mailman came again with another parcel just for me , it was wrapped in a bright red plastic envelope with my name on it and it came from Mdm. Samm. I was a recent winner in a bloghop "In Your Words"as a participant and the prize was this incredible fat quarter bundle from Timeless Treasures along with a spool of Aurifil thread and two sweet notecards by Amy Bradley .
Thanks so much to Mdm. Samm and also to the generous donors of prizes , Timeless Treasures , Amy Bradley and Aurifil thread , I really appreciate this bundle of goodness. I love taking part in the blog hops , they are always fun and so inspirational . I just finished my piece for the Its all about Me , now that was a blast to make and wait until you see what I have done, I think it is hilarious  .
I am off now to drool over my lovely mail, well no I won't do that but I will be admiring it . Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by .
 hugs Sheila