Thursday, December 31, 2015

It started with a bang !!

Oh I know that tomorrow is the New Year and it usually starts off with a bang but hey I didn't wait for New Years , I did it on Christmas day and not in the best way . Let me explain , I had a fall early Christmas morning that resulted in a mild compression fracture of my spine , yep , you read that right , I fell that hard . I went to the emergency department of the local hospital where they asked questions and concluded that since I walked in I mostly likely just had a broken rib so they gave me a little pain killer and sent me home . I actually managed quite well on Christmas day , cooked our turkey and all the trimmings and then on Boxing day had my son and his family here for dinner and supper and again cooked the meals . Mind you I was hurting but didn't complain and enjoyed the visit very much . By the next morning however things were getting a bit much so I figured I had to have things checked out , the pain when I lay down was not good and movement was slow at best . So I had an Xray of my spine and yesterday the doctor called to confirm what I was already pretty sure of , the compression fracture ,which explains my discomfort  . So this means that there will not likely be much happening here on the sewing front for a little while and not likely much in the way of blogging , who wants to hear about my aching body :-(  I will try to do a little handwork to pass the time and have been slowly working on this little wool piece while I sit and dream of all the things I would like to be doing .
This project was a free pattern by the Wooden Spool during a blog hop , hope I have that link correct . We had a green Christmas but Mother Nature has made up for that since then with not one but two storms , looks beautiful out there actually . Our little feathered friends have been very busy at the feeders and are a delight to watch .
These are mostly Goldfinch , I was so happy to see them as I thought they had gone away for the winter .
 We also have these visitors to our property and I never tire of seeing them either .
They were digging up the snow to get at the grass below and you can see we definitely have snow .
 I will leave you with my sincere wishes for  a Very Happy New year and all the best for 2016 , I hope it is your best yet .
 Thanks for stopping by and if so inclined please say some healing prayers for me , they would be greatly appreciated .
hugs Sheila

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Postcards and birthday mail

I received my postcard from Carin  this week and it is so cute , I know you will agree .
Frosty looks quite happy , it must be snowing and cold and he doesn't need to worry about melting anytime soon . Thanks so much Carin , I love it :-) 
Here is the postcard I created for Carin and I know she has already received it so I will share it now with all of you .
A little redwork elf which was a free pattern but for the life of me I can't remember who the designer was , someone help me , maybe Gail Pan ? I love to do redwork so this was a fun little project to do . Hmm seems I like to photograph my postcards in front of my vintage machines , I have a love affair with both :-) 
Yesterday was my birthday and how nice it was to open a parcel addressed to me from Annette my good friend from Saskatchewan . Inside was a Christmas package nicely wrapped with my birthday gift hugging it as Annette said . I was a really good girl and resisted the urge to open both presents but I will share the lovely tote Annette made for me .
It is a really nice large tote with inserts of quilting sayings like "Quilting is my cup of Tea", Celebrate Quilting Friendships ", "See all the colours of the world through Quilts" and "Don't worry it'll quilt out " , aren't they just perfect for a quilters tote . Nice sturdy handles too to carry all the necessities . Thanks so much Annette . 
 I got an early birthday gift from my friend Linda last week and it is so sweet and so festive , I love it .
                     Thanks so much Linda , I think it looks so pretty on my little mantel .

A little update on my Temecula blocks , I did complete them all but so far haven't had a chance to arrange them into anything . I seen two runners over on Joanne's blog and they are stunning so my plan is to eventually get them made into a runner . For now here is what they look like ....
Other sewing going on but this is all I can share at the moment but I do appreciate you stopping by during this very busy season . I hope your day is blessed in some special day and thanks for stopping by .
 hugs Sheila

Friday, December 11, 2015

Going Mini and some more mail

Hi there , did you happen to see the little mini that is being offered by Temecula Quilt Co. at the moment , it is just too cute not to make .  There are twelve blocks and eleven have now been posted but even if you haven't started it isn't too late as they take so little time to make .  Want to see my tiny squares ?
The finished size of each block is just 2.75" but honest they are not hard to deal with . The thing is I had other things  I needed to get done but these were just calling my name and I just had to make them , you know how it is right ;-)

  I received the most creative postcard from Eglea yesterday , it was for the fall postcard exchange , it take a very long time for the cards to come from Brazil but it is so worth the wait .
I should have taken these pictures in the daylight rather than now but you can still see how neat this card is with the pounded leaf design and all the stitching surrounding the leaves . Thanks so much Eglea .
 Here is the card I sent to Eglea , it arrived just a short time ago as well .

                                             I was trying to depict the colours of fall here in NS. .
Time to get back to the sewing machine , things to finish and the time is getting short , why do I do this every year , I can't answer that unfortunately . Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by .
 hugs Sheila

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Some mail and some finishes

It is such fun to receive mail and my box had two surprises on Monday , first off a postcard from Lin , a delightful little Christmas Tree .
Thanks so much Lin  ,  so thoughtful of you , I love it !!
I also received a Christmas card from Michelle with a little surprise inside , her pocket Minis . 
I have already traced off a little snowman and I know I will enjoy stitching this cute design . Thanks so much Michelle , it was very thoughtful of you . 

 I had signed up for Friday Night with Friends and I did stitch along but I am rather late in reporting , I had a busy weekend and just didn't find the time to do that , sorry Cheryll . So what did I stitch , well I had made a few small things for my grandchildren , two little mugrugs first off .
These were part of a panel that I thought was so darn cute I just had to buy it .  The last time I gave the girls a mug rug Elise wrapped up her stuffy in it so I thought I best make him a proper quilt , poor little Rocko needs to be completely covered .
Nothing fancy just some 2.5"squares sewn together with a puppy dog border and cross hatched  but it should keep him nice and snuggly and Elise will be happy too .
  On Sunday evening I finished up this stitchery I had traced off before my trip to Ireland with great plans to stitch it while over there , haha , great plans don't always work out , never took one stitch .
This is a pattern by Kaaren Johnston of the Painted Quilt  , thanks Kaaren for a great stitchery . I plan on making this into a pillow top eventually .

I best run I have a hair appointment this morning that I really need , the locks are getting pretty shaggy . Thanks for stopping by today and have yourself a creative day in someway .
 hugs Sheila

Thursday, December 3, 2015

A little mail to share

A wet and dreary day here on the east coast , the snow we had earlier is now gone and it is quite mild but that is not expected to last , we may get more snow tomorrow . Well here we are into December , this year has just flown by , my Mom always said that as we get older the years go quicker and she is so right .  Since December is here I hope that all those taking part in the postcard swap have now mailed their cards and I see some have already received theirs. Remember to post pictures of the cards you receive and those you have mailed , thanks .  If you haven't mailed your cards yet please do so as soon as possible so they will arrive before Christmas :-)

 Talking about postcards I have received two recently both were a surprise to me , first off was this quite unique card all the way from New Zealand . Max who happens to be Raewyn's nephew has developed a love for making postcards and he recently was visiting with Raewyn and they made some more cards and I was the lucky recipient of a card which he made totally by hand .
 Gilbert , a name brand in his area and one I was not familiar with but he obviously loves this brand and also sports , thanks so much Max that was so sweet of you . I have mailed off a Christmas postcard to Max as a thank you .
A little snowman , I don't think it has arrived just yet but I thought I would share it as I am quite sure he doesn't read my blog ;-)
I also received a beautiful postcard from my friend Annette , it was really nice surprise .
Isn't it beautiful , thanks so much Annette :-) I love it !!
 I have been super busy lately but as I am sure you will understand some of what I have been doing can't be shared just now , they are for gifts . However I can share this BOM I have done for Buttermilk Basin , these have been such fun to do each month and she is giving us one more ,yeah .

 I did decorate a multitude of tea towels lately and sorry for the horrid picture but it is the only one I have .
 I also made a pillowcase for my grandson who loves Star Wars .
I think he will like it , or I hope he does .
 One more little wool  work to share , another project from Buttermilk Basin  .
 A cute little snowman stocking . thanks Stacy .
 So folks that is all from me today, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by . Have a great day .
 hug Sheila